Breast Insurance

A true innovator in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Applebaum employs a series of cutting-edge techniques, including lollipop incision, to provide his breast reduction patients with the safest procedure and most natural results possible.

Before undergoing your breast reduction, Dr. Applebaum will meet with you for a consultation. During your meeting, Dr. Applebaum will develop an individualized surgical plan based on your goals and expectations, and will answer all your questions. You will leave your consultation with all the information you need to feel comfortable and safe with your decision to undergo breast reduction surgery. Please visit Dr. Applebaum’s Before & After galleries for samples of his breast reduction surgery results.

During your breast reduction surgery, Dr. Applebaum will use the innovative French Vertical Mammoplasty (lollipop procedure) technique. This method, used successfully by plastic surgeons for more than a decade, results in a smaller, less-conspicuous scar than traditional anchor incision techniques. Through the vertical technique, Dr. Applebaum is able to leave tiny scars only on the nipple and in a small straight line down to the breast fold. The French technique also allows Dr. Applebaum to create a more youthful breast shape and contour for his patients, while providing a simple, outpatient recovery. With Dr. Applebaum’s breast reduction technique, there is no overnight hospital stay, no drains, and no messy dressings or bindings. You’ll only need to wear a soft post-op cotton bra for support, and will be back to work within 7-10 days. Dr. Applebaum uses his expertise to preserve nipple sensation following surgery.

Dr. Applebaum performs breast reduction surgeries in his modern, state-of-the-art, AAAHC accredited surgical facility, the Four Thirty Six Aesthetic Surgery Center. Conveniently attached to Dr. Applebaum’s private practice, the facility provides a warm, comfortable, discreet environment where Dr. Applebaum’s breast reduction patients receive the highest level of surgical care while avoiding a hospital stay. Before your surgery, Dr. Applebaum and his staff will help you determine whether your insurance carrier will provide coverage for your breast reduction. This procedure is typically covered if it is deemed a functional condition.


Breast Reduction procedures may be covered by your insurance.
Call us today to see if you are eligible.