Lollipop Breast Reduction

Lollipop Breast Reduction Beverly Hills

Very large, pendulous breasts can cause women to experience significant physical and emotional issues ranging from neck, back and shoulder pain to low self-esteem and chronic physical discomfort. Although many women with cup sizes of D and larger try particular exercises or specialized bras to minimize the impact of their oversized breasts, the most effective way to achieve smaller, natural looking breasts is through breast reduction surgery.

The surgical techniques for breast reductions have improved greatly over the last two decades, making this procedure a safe and effective option for women seeking smaller, natural looking breasts. The biggest advancement to the surgery is undoubtedly the vertical mammoplasty, also known as the lollipop breast reduction. Dr. Applebaum has been performing this procedure safely and successfully for more than a decade in order to provide his patients with natural looking breasts, minimal scarring, perfectly aligned areolas and a much quicker recovery time.

Here’s why the vertical mammoplasty (lollipop) method produces higher patient satisfaction than the doughnut and anchor techniques of the past:

  • The lollipop technique features fewer incisions than traditional techniques (one on the nipple and another tiny, straight line down to the breast fold), which results in less scarring
  • The lollipop technique preserves the symmetry and shape of your areolas
  • It provides an easy, outpatient recovery that only requires a soft cotton bra for support. No dressings, bindings, or drains required!
  • The lollipop technique allows Dr. Applebaum to achieve youthful results highly tailored to each patient’s individual shape and aesthetic

An expert in the acclaimed lollipop procedure, Dr. Applebaum has the skills and experience to help you achieve the smaller breast size you’ve always wanted.


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